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RSS Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water Machines from Purified Life

    You have found your Purified Life. One the best ways to Purify your Life is with the Air you breath and the Water you drink. Most individuals are affected by excessive toxins and acidity in their bodies today from the contaminated world we live in. Here at Purified Life we are here to save you. One way is with our Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water Machines. They use State of the Art Technology to invigorate, ionize, and purify the water you drink. Everyone knows that drinking more water and the proper amount of water will increase your overall health, but even more important than the amount of water, is the quality. Purified Life's Water Ionizers and Alkaline Water Machines bring water back to a more natural state before our modern polluted world has changed it. Our products range from a class leading water ionizer the Aqua-Spirit 5.0 to our top of the line home purifier the Air Shield. Take a look and enjoy your new Purified Life.

All about Alkaline water filter systems Alkaline water is becoming a craze in this health conscious era. Water is an essential element next to air which is required for survival. More than 2/3 of the body weight has water content. Therefore, if there is water deficiency then within a few days survival is impossible. Water has many functions in keeping our body fit.

Alkaline water is said to have many essential properties. For example, water helps in absorption of food, proper digestion, toxins and waste removal, nutrients and oxygen supply to the cells as well as body temperature regulation. Water is so important for the organ and cell function of the body that our whole physiology and anatomy functions with the help of water.

Therefore, it is necessary to drink the highest quality water to get maximum results and alkaline water is believed to have many benefits. Regular water is not generally healthy for drinking because of water contaminants like microbiological viruses, bacteria, chemicals, toxic metals, pharmaceutical drugs and many other harmful ingredients.

  • Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer
    $1,898.00 $895.00
  • Air Shield
    $349.95 $298.57

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