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Deluxe 5 Plate Water Ionizer

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12.00 LBS
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Product Description


 No other Water Ionizer has our Saftey Features




What makes our Water Ionizer Different? 

FDA Approved Plastics- This means that all of the internal plastics that your water touches is proven by the FDA to be safe for human consumption.  We have in our opinion created one of the safest water ionizers on the market today. Our team of experts have been unable to find another Water Ionizer in the market today with FDA approved plastics. 


ETL Certification- Almost everything in your house that gets plugged into the wall will be tested by a third party laboratory before it reaches you. Just look at the bottom or back of an appliance for the many certifications.  We believe in these third party testing labs. We have had our Water Ionizer tested by ETL, one of the largest testing laboratories in the world. Our unit has passed their rigorous safety standards and is safe for use in your home.  


Value- We know our water ionizer can change and improve the lives of many people in the world, so we have offered our unit at a much lower cost than any other unit on the market today with the same technology. 

Check out how our unit comprase to the top brands including Kangen

 7 Healthy Water Options: 

 4 Ionized Alkaline Presets - Continuous variability pH 7.0 to 10.5 and ORP 0mV to -550mv.

 Purified Water - Filters without changing pH.

 2 Acidic Water Presets - Continuous variability, pH 5.5 to 6.5 and ORP 0mV to +600mV.

 State-of-the-Art Electroplate Technology: Offers excellent conductivity, supports continuous electrolysis at high current density. Resists oxidation and erosion. Long-life with minimal power consumption ensures economical operation

 Activated Carbon Filter:

 Removes Dangerous Tap Water Pollutants - State-of-the-art water filter removes chlorine, benzene, trihalomethane, radon, pesticides, VOCs and hundreds of other harmful pollutants found in tap water.

 Fights Odors/Kills Bacteria - Removes unpleasant odors and acts as an antibacterial/antimicrobial agent.

 Long-Life Filter - Effectively cleanses up to 6000 liters (1,585 gallons) of water. Under normal usage conditions (up to 4 gallons of water per day), the filter would only need to be replaced once a year



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Product Reviews

  1. Much cheaper than buying a gallon at the store

    Posted by Barbara Curry

    For the past year I've been going to a store to buy ionized water by the gallon, because it could not afford the $3000 for the unit. I did research on Yahoo and there was an ad in it said the water ionizer best price, I clicked on the ad and I read through all their information and I purchased the Purified Life deluxe five plate. The water tasted perfect just like the water I had been paying $10 a gallon for at the store. I am extremely pleased with it. I recommend it to other people and I hope other people understand the benefits of ionized water I certainly do.

  2. They are the factory, WOW. Factory Direct

    Posted by Crystal Smith

    I have been researching water ionization for a long time, I even found out it's a medical device in Japan. I'm the type of person that does a lot of due diligence before I purchase something. And I did purchase an ionizer for $1695 and it did work well. But then I saw the unit from purified life and I returned the other unit for a refund because I felt the value was not there. And the one I purchased from purified life was less than half the price and works just as well. I know most of these are sold through multi-level marketing but talking to the people at purified life they get it directly from their own factories. I also checked into their other products their air purification and they are number one on Sam's Club.com this gave me a great sense that this company will guarantee their products because they are selling in a big box.

  3. Best, Best customer service

    Posted by Jason Thompson

    I purchased this machine on the Internet through Purified Life because I like their return policy, the machine does everything I hoped it would the only problem was hooking it up to my sink I had to call the company back to get a different adapter, but they were very accommodating and sent me the part out, I would recommend this machine to anyone.

  4. No need to spend $3000 for a water ionizer

    Posted by Sally Cornthal

    I live in Florida where it's hot and humid, I purchased the water ionizer because my friend had bought a Kangen for about $3000 but I couldn't spend that kind of money. So when I saw the price of the deluxe 5 plate machine I was very pleased. It sits on my sink in my kitchen and I have a lot of my friends asked me questions about it, and when I tell them if they drink the water table taste smoother they don't believe me until they drink it. I don't know how they do this but it really does taste smoother. I just want to thank the company for a great value in the quality of the machine.

  5. Only thing cheap is the price, Quality unit

    Posted by Jim Dawson

    I purchased the deluxe 5 plate ionizer from Purified Life and I was a skeptic because of the price I paid and the other ionizers are so much more expensive. But I was really pleased to find out that this machine does exactly what the owners manual and the specifications say it does. I've been drinking the ionized water now for two months, and I know it's making me feel better. I'm also a daily runner (5 miles a day) and I know I am hydrating better because of the ORP. I don't know much about the ORP but it has something to do with hydration and I feel it is working. I would recommend this machine.

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