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Why Drinking High pH Water Is So Vital To Your Health


Yes, a lot of us understand that drinking water is not just important, but vital to our survival. We typically drink water for various purposes. First , we might drink due to simple first. Second, we might drink because our doctors or our mothers told us to drink eight glasses of water each day. Third, we might've watched the news one day and heard that drinking water leads to weight loss. While most of us have a fairly decent grasp on the reasons to drink water, very few of us understand the value of drinking high pH water.

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So what exactly is high pH water?


High pH water is alkaline water -- water that has a pH value that ranges from 8 to 11. This pH value is used to offset the highly acidic values that are typically found within our body through consumption of a lot of the sweets that we all love so much. By introducing high pH water to your system you will be able to fight off the acidic waste that has been built in your system over time.


Why is acidic waste in your body so harmful?


Acidic waste that has been left in your body over time will lead to various negative effects on your body. Some of these effects include hardened arteries, bone degeneration (from calcium being destroyed from calcium), joint pain and accelerated rate gain. These problems will not hit you all at once, but they will occur if you leave your body in a highly acidic state for a long enough time. This is one of the reasons why those who snack on candy and soda find themselves with accelerated health problems versus those who eat healthy.


Let’s talk about low ORP


Now that we have a good idea of the benefits from high pH water, we can delve into the additional benefits that come from water with low ORP values. A high ORP value in your body will lead to many of the same problems that come from low pH values. In contrast, a little ORP value is known to offset aging by being an antioxidant. This will help you offset both wrinkling and weight gain that so readily comes to us as we age. Like high pH water, low ORP water flushes out the acids in our body that do us harm. A high pH water (that also has a low ORP value) will have an ORP level of roughly -470. In contrast, tap water has an ORP level of roughly +360. To put this into perspective, soda has an ORP level of +400. While a lot of people discussed the values of tap water, it is almost as bad for you as soda from an ORP level standpoint.


The best plan of attack for a diet rich in high pH and low ORP is to introduce high pH water to your diet. Replacing your daily tap or bottled water with high pH water will go a long way in helping to balance the pH and ORP levels within your body. Soon after making the change to high pH water, you will feel the changes -- healthier skin, more energy, better sleep and more. Along with this, you will be able to give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your long-term health will be greatly improved as well.